Whether buying, selling, or renting, changes involving the place you call home can be invigorating, as well as stressful. Ellie approaches every real estate opportunity with a customer focused approach.  Her goals to deliver a personalized level of service and provide a solutions-based approach will help ensure a remarkable experience for her clients.

A Northern Virginia transplant, Ellie moved to the area from northwestern Pennsylvania in 2013. With a background in print, design and marketing, real estate presents a unique creative outlet and provides an opportunity to make an impact on the lives of others. Empowered by Rockwood Homes’ forward-thinking, agent-focused philosophy, Ellie is constantly seeking innovative ways to tailor and evolve her skillset for the benefit of her real estate clients.

Though very much an outdoor junkie at heart, Ellie appreciates having easy access to all of the conveniences available in this dynamic and rapidly growing community.  When she’s not searching for new breakfast spots or exploring the many metropolitan amenities of the area, Ellie enjoys backpacking, kayaking, climbing, motocross, and the occasional mountaineering trip.  The freedom, exploration, and chance to set foot somewhere most people never will is highly appealing.  If the amount of gear a person owned was any indication of skill, well, let’s just say you could consider her an expert.