frank woodruff

Jack’s most impressive quality is his ability to listen. Because of his ability to listen to our wants and limitations, we found our town home on our very first time out with him. We ended up with a home that exceeded what we thought our budget could get in terms of sq feet and location.

As first time homebuyers, our up-front cash was limited. But he negotiated closing costs for us to keep on budget. He never pushed us into something beyond our budget and even tempted us with some lower cost options that he thought would be a good fit.

He even enthusiastically negotiated the contract for our home while he was on vacation. Needless to say, he was attentive and responsive throughout the process.

We were clumsily searching the market on our own for months until we stumbled upon Jack at an open house. From there, we went from our first Saturday out with him to closing in less than 5 weeks.

Jack helped us from identifying our new home, to negotiation, to contract, inspection, financing, and closing. We would highly recommend Jack. He’s a great negotiator. Give him a call. You won’t regret it.

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