4 Tips From Two Top Agents Who Are Always Looking For A Good Deal

1) Know your numbers and stick to them. Don’t try to force something. This is so important, whether it’s an investment purchase or a primary residence. Stay in tune with what your monthly payment is projected to be in different price points. Know how much out-of-pocket cash is going to be required to make you comfortable.

2) Don’t have too broad of a geographic search. It’s counterintuitive in a hot market. Most buyers would think they should keep all of their options and locations open to increase their chances of landing something. This strategy works sometimes; however, it’s often distracting, and being spread too thin can become frustrating. We’ve found it’s often better to narrow in on a neighborhood, or a zip code; know the recent sales; know your numbers; and be ready to act quickly when a good deal comes on the market.

3) Be willing to buy a fixer upper. Or at least a house that is livable but is a little outdated.  This is one of the biggest reasons to work with us. We have the resources, the contractors, and the tradespeople to refer to you. They can help improve your house on time and on budget. This will increase your odds of winning a solid house because a lot of other buyers will wait for the finished, shiny object (and have to compete with 10 other buyers for that house). Also, you can “force appreciation” to your home by taking on renovations and build up sweat equity. In a market where prices are rising, it’s always nice to buy something at “2 years ago” prices, do some light renovations, and be in a positive equity position form the start.

4) Work with an agent who is well connected to other agents and deal makers who can work to find you something off market. This is another reason to narrow the geographic search and allow Jack and Brittany to work to procure a house in your target neighborhood.

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