Jim S

My wife and I currently live in Europe and were “window shopping” for a better part of a year prior to choosing Jack as our realtor. Jack and his team prepared and educated us on what to expect throughout the process ultimately landing us a home we are both excited and proud to own. COVID limited our ability to fly to and from the US, and European quarantine requirements made it unreasonable to do so with existing commitments. This meant if we bought a house while abroad, everything had to be achieved remotely and Jack and his team were up to the task.

As houses of interest came on the market, Jack flagged items about the house/location he knew would bother us based on our past discussions. This not only saved time but also avoided a potentially regretful purchase. A property came on the market that we never expected to be in our budget. Jack set up a virtual walkthrough answering our questions while keeping a keen eye on items that would need immediate attention and considering all of our OCD quirks. This house ended up selling higher than we were willing to go and Jack never pushed us to go beyond what we felt was appropriate. His team ran comps for us to confirm we weren’t being unreasonable and making the right choice – it was just a very unique and sought-after property during the peak of a sellers’ market in 2020.

A newly listed property drew significant interest yielding 50+ viewings in the first 48 hours and 14 offers. Jack setup a viewing the first day on the market and worked with us to submit an offer within hours of the walk through. We weren’t alone, and because of the popularity and demand, the owner set a deadline for offers. Not only did we win, but we weren’t the highest offer. Jack’s expertise and advice made our offer compelling enough the owner accepted a lower offer – $40k lower. There’s no doubt that Jack and his team are the reason we won our new home. From pre-approval, offer submissions, appraisal, financing, title transfer, and closing, Jacks and his team set up everything so we could purchase the home completely from Europe. We can’t ask for more than that and reading other reviews… it’s a pattern and one he should be proud of.

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