My wife and I had been searching for our first home for a few months when we happened across Jack at an open house. Having met over a dozen other realtors during out search, he was certainly a breath of fresh air. A friendly, genuine, low-pressure guy who understood what we wanted and offered to show us areas on our wish-list, while also offering to show a range of homes and neighborhoods we didn’t know about and/or hadn’t considered. And our great first-impression lasted through the our house search to the ultimate purchase of our first home. Jack was always available for a phone call or to take us out for showings, and was remarkably efficient in showing us as many houses as we wanted to see at times convenient to us. He showed us a variety of homes and areas to help educate us on what was available in our price range, the pros/cons of certain neighborhoods, and the balance of commute, home size, etc. And while we’re sure most realtors can do that, Jack excels at keeping the whole process from becoming overwhelming. His patience and low-pressure approach were the difference maker. We never felt like he was rushing us into a purchase, and he was candid when a home didn’t seem right for us. He also has great insight into what type of work a home may or may not need, ranging from minor remodeling to deal breakers that make a home a bad investment. And when it came time to make an offer on a home we loved, Jack’s referrals to a finance company, home inspector, home insurance broker, etc. were all great. Most realtors have these connections, and while Jack never pushed us to his preferred options, his folks all seemed to be great at their respective jobs, and all seemed to have the same low-pressure, patient, helpful attitude that Jack demonstrated throughout. They also happened to be relatively good deals (based upon some shopping around we did). It really simplified things and gave us peace of mind that these other key service providers/companies were easy to work with, priced well, and had good relationships with our realtor to keep the process moving efficiently. All in all, we can’t recommend Jack enough. For us first-time home buyers, he was exactly what we wanted, and now that we’re in our new home, we can’t thank him enough. We’re only disappointed that Jack isn’t forced to hang out with us anymore.

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